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Support for overdose prevention sites in new mexico

New Mexico Harm Reduction Collaborative has officially endorsed HB263 for the 2023 legislative session! The passage of HB263 

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I am contacting you today to urge you to consider voting against House Bill 60: Enhancing Fentanyl Sentencing. Upon first glance, the bill may seem to hold fentanyl dealers more accountable, but with further inspection you will see that the bill targets New Mexico’s most vulnerable population; People with Substance Use Disorder.
House Bill 60 would lengthen sentencing for community members who are distributing fentanyl pills, and would sentence them for up to 3 yrs for having only 25 pills, 5 yrs for 50 pills, and up to 7 years for 75 pills. Most people distributing less than 100 pills at a time meet the criteria for Substance Use Disorder, and are selling as a means of maintaining their own supply.
The passage of HB60 would leave our communities fractured, and would allow other forms of fentanyl to entrench the market in urban environments like Albuquerque, where we would be removing low-level street dealers, and making a much larger market for major distributors.
As a constituent I urge you to consider voting NO on HB60 in an effort to encourage enforcement that does not imprison people with Substance Use Disorder. 

Thank you for your consideration,

[Your Name]

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